Price List

2 pc trouser suit £13.50 Curtains £4.50 per lb
Skirt suit £13.00 Wedding dress £90.00
Trousers £7.00 Boxing service £60.00
Jacket £9.00 Carpet cleaning from £4.00 per sq metre
Skirt from £6.50    
Dress from £9.50 Repairs  
Coat from £9.75 Trouser zip £12.00
Jumper £5.50 Trousers shortened £10.00
Blouse from £5.50 Trousers lengthened £10.00
1 – 4 laundered shirts £2.50 ea Waist in/out £10.00
5 + laundered shirts £1.75 ea Re-hems £5.00
Loyalty card holders laundered shirts £1.50 ea no minimum Suede / leather jacket from £45.00
Tie £3.00 Oriental rugs from £45.00 min charge
3 or more ties £2.15 ea    
Single duvet £16.00    
Double duvet £18.00    
Kingsize duvet £20.00    
Chair covers dry cleaned £4.50 per lb  

Blueberry Cleaning Company
193 Washway Road Sale Cheshire M33 4AH

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